Job Description

Title - Sales Executive

Job Title                     : Sales Executive

Location                     : Gopalganj

Mandatory Skills       : Marketing communication and Sales techniques

Purpose                      : Marketing of ours products in market


Job Responsibility     :

  1. Product Knowledge: Gain in-depth knowledge of the company’s medical products, including their features, benefits, and applications.

  2. Customer Engagement: Build and maintain strong relationships with healthcare professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists.

  3. Product Promotion: Effectively communicate the benefits of the company’s products to healthcare providers, showcasing their value in patient care.

  4. Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, competitor products, and customer needs to adapt sales strategies.

  5. Sales Targets: Meet or exceed sales targets and objectives set by the company.

  6. Product Demonstrations: Conduct product demonstrations and presentations to potential customers.

  7. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of sales activities, customer interactions, and market feedback.

  8. Territory Management: Manage and optimize the assigned sales territory for maximum efficiency and coverage.

  9. Compliance: Adhere to all legal and ethical standards in sales and marketing practices, including pharmaceutical regulations.

  10. Feedback Loop: Provide feedback to the company regarding customer preferences, product improvements, and market insights.

  11. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with medical advancements and product knowledge through training programs and self-study.

  12. Reporting: Prepare and submit regular reports on sales performance and market trends to management.

  13. Problem Solving: Address customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide solutions in a timely and professional manner.

  14. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with colleagues, including sales and marketing teams, to achieve overall company goals.

  15. Adaptability: Be flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs.

  16. Time Management: Effectively manage time and resources to prioritize customer visits and achieve sales objectives.